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I am trying to code a text message scene into my story but I need help. The scene happens between my main character and another, the thing is my main character’s name (Camille) is able to be chosen by the reader. So I’m trying to code it in a way that when the text message pops up it shows the name the reader chose, instead of the default one in the script, but I don’t know how or if it’s even possible. Please someone help me or give me an alternative like if I have to instead make an overlay of each of the messages.

CAMILLE is my main character.
My code:


set format phonetext

@CAMILLE right

Hey [FIRSTNAME], I found a new patient for you.
Do you want me to schedule an appointment with him?

Sure, I have an open spot tomorrow.
Send me his file.

set format cinematic


The script does not remember what you put there if you put the ‘What’s your name?’ in a previous chapter or skipped through the web previewer without putting the name in again. If you want to test it out I would use your phone previewer. It’s also important that you change the display name of the character to FIRSTNAME.

People usually just name the MC “YOU” instead of the default so it will just show the characters bubbles/texts as “YOU”…if thats what you mean

I was thinking of just doing that but I just wondered if there was a possible way for it to show the reader’s name. Thank you anyway x.

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