The chapters that follow the first

We all know how important the first chapter/episode of a story is. However, what do you guys think is important to include in chapter 2-3? You know, those episodes where you go from “hmm, I’ll try this story out for a bit.” to “Okay, I am going to continue to spend my passes reading this story.”

Is it the character development? The drama? The cliffhangers? Tell me, the lovely writers and readers of episode!


a big thing is. what you write in the decrption is suppouse to happen in the first 3 chapters. if the desception say you marry a billonira but the wedding first is in chapter 5.

or it says you get contacted by the son you left at an orphange. but he actually first show up in chapter seven. and the six other chapters just is back story and life until then

the description is what we are here for.


Try and add to the ascending action. Here’s how your story will most likely want to play out to have a strong structure:
(In this example there are 20 chapters to the book)
Chapters 1-2: Exposition (Introduction to the characters and what’s going to happen)
Chapters 2-13: Rising Action (Adding to the plot with twists and character development)
Chapters 14-18: Climax (Big scenes, big twists, main point of story)
Chapter 19: Falling Action (Resolving plot points, conflicts, explaining, etc.)
Chapter 20: Resolution (Tying all things together and up with the ending, or adding a teaser, another exciting incident, or an epilogue for a future book)

This is just a basic idea and example that I could come up with. I wrote a detailed post on how to set up your story really well with different structures that professional writers outside of Episode and on Episode use here.

Hope this helps!

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