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oh dear


take some belief

bops with the belief wand


thank you…

Rip inspiration and motivation





THINKS of likkeee people of the rainbow, an angry person, a chilled blue person a purple potato


Somehow that inspires me… Strange but true… THANK YOU


I finished one character ~

I kind of rushed his personality but I’ll try to edit it later -o-

four more to make, bless me


I made a thread, and I need HELP. I have no sign ups… and I’ve been waiting all dayyy, I only have reserves. Obraryce, School Of Witchcraft- RP SIGNUPS-


You should wait more, signing up takes time


Ok also, I’m making a new roleplay thread. It’s about a game show called: Teenage Chaos.
I don’t know what the thing should say about it/ A long brief thing about it.


What if there was an RP where the RPers RP as other RPers XD


Funnily enough, some friends had thought about that


Ooo, that’s cool


Yeah haha
We never did it though, but it could be an interesting way to celebrate an RP Holiday


I already miss RPing and creative writing in general, but I’ve been too occupied to focus on it or be proud of anything else I’ll write.


I lowkey abandoned all the RPs I am/was in except for Exousia, oof, I feel guilty about that.


clears throat

I walked into the room awkwardly. I was an RP Goddess, and I totally knew it. I was ready to slay at literally everything I ever did or would do because I was just that awesome at life. But especially [insert goal of the RP].

I reached into my backpack to make sure I had my trusty set of pocket dictionaries. After thumbing through to make sure all of them were there, and taking out the Latin one and rubbing it for extra luck (not that I needed it- I was a goddess after all), I turned to the room to begin doing the thing.


cries I love you so much! But you’re the RP goddess


hA! time to use my most powerful weapon-

no u.


Ñooo, you


no u. combined with the power of rEVERSE CARD


So… double negative? Meaning… you?