The writers portal keeps freezing whenever i try to work on my story


sooo uhh i’ve been trying to work on my story but whenever i enter the actual story to code it freezes. I’m sure its not my computer cuz everything else works fine. its the website itself. has this happened to anyone? pleasE HELP !!!


what browser are you using?


mine too!! I thought I was the only one :frowning:


i’m using safari. just like i always do. i did some research and i think it’s happening with everyone too. hopefully the issue gets resolved soon :confused:


it seems to be happening with a lot of other people. :confounded:


I’m having no issue with it atm.


what device are you using to write ?


@kreyess1 @coffeecakes please submit help tickets about this issue to the support team. :smiley:


Laptop im using chrome internet browser.


hmm. i guess its with certain people. that’s strange


its not happening with me, I am using chrome


try using chrome if it doesnt freeze on that one, and if it does then submit a ticket to the team like sydney mentioned.


it worked… thats strange. its always worked on safari. i wonder whats going on.


Same here​:expressionless::unamused:


Same I’m on Google chrome


Omg I’ve had the same problem! These past two days whenever I’m on the episode portal the webpage doesn’t load. I’ve tried Safari and google chrome. :sob:


I just made a thread on this and its doing for me. whats happening? lol


its not working for you anymore ?


its working now.


doesnt work for me :cry::cry::cry: