Timing with overlay

Gamer girl by @/wincyyellow is my fav story and cute too.
Since I’m also gamer (before my age turn 24 :rofl:). I’m wondering if anyone know the coding of mini games in first episode of gamer girl where, mc pick note book adam?


&overlay NOTEBOOK create
&overlay NOTEBOOK opacity 1 in 0

@speechbubble is 100 300 to 0%

Random narration that no one is gonna see

tappable [timed:5:top]
Great Job!

}“A regular choice”{

@speechbubble reset
Unlucky, looks like you ran out of time!


It should look similar to this.

Ohh thank you for thiss​:blush::blush::laughing::laughing:

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no worries :blob_hearts:

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