Too Many Story Ideas. Help

I swear I come up with more stories than my brain can handle and I can’t choose one that I like sooo I’m going to need to put it to a vote

I’m doing very vague descriptions so that no one can really take them but choose whichever is most appealing to you!

Supernatural Story - FANTASY

Basically the MC is an empath (someone who can read feelings) and has to navigate normal life while being able to feel other people’s emotions.

Abduction Story (more mature themes) - DRAMA

Basically the MC is kidnapped and then found but she has to readjust to normal life while her abductor is still roaming free.

Criminal Story (more mature themes) - ACTION

MC is a famous criminal and teams up with another thief to steal some sort of big historical relic

Again these are SUPER vague descriptions but just for general ideas which one is y’alls favorite?

  • Supernatural Story
  • Abduction Story
  • Criminal Story

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Abduction story caught my eye the most! x


Same. Sounds the most intriguing.

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