UPDATED today 2/12/2018 List of all participants of the college days that I have found untill now 146!


If you are not in it, our you have IG name that I don’t have please reply. Or if something is misspelled because I want to read them all

IG name author name story name
Nicole.Kalani A new beginning
ashh_writes Ashley A past unforgotten
candiwestbrooke Candi Westbrooke A time to remember
ladybirdepisode Lady Bird A whole new world
misskate.episode Misspj A year to remember
meme_episodes Meme_episodes Alluring
jasminelilac.episode JasmineLilac Antiception, Partiception
storiesbyisa Isa Arethhusa institute of magic
larajane.writes Lara-Jane Aunt Flo comes to town
Sandra Paris Before and after 9/11
iwrite.stories JessTheBest Behind Closed doors
latita.episode Latita Best Friends
episodesharon Sharon Blooming
kalys_episode Kayla V Boy trouble
episode.justblossom Just Blossom Broken past
effydosis Effy Ameer Call us danger
Treasure Jackson College days
Sally.episode96 Sally,episode96 College of suffering
QueenIvy,episode QueenIvy Confessions of a Female Jock
biancaxepisode Bianca S Corrupted lies
unchartedraider.episode UnchartedRaider Crystallized
sarahrobbins.episode Dare to Dream
Jemma Rose Death by love
mama.episode and see_caitwrite Cait and Nicole degrees of Romance
Dazicat Dazicat Dirty girls
uar.episode U.A.R. Episode Distance
epy.madalynn Madalynn Double treath
kale_writes Kale Effortless mistakes
paige_episode Paige Everything changes
wiktoria.episode Wiktoria Forevel Expose me
dkr_episodes dkr_episodes Faking it
megantay_episode MeganTay Falling to deep
Bells & Angie Fangtasia
Anna V Finding me
episode.knitters Amanda Michele Fixation
Morgan-Renee Freshmans Year
emalee.writes Emalee Rose Fur against fang
emmanuella.writes Emanuela M, Good Girl goes bad
m.episodex Mel Gossip secret lies
storiesbybex Bex King Head over hell
aku.episode Akriti,writes Heal me remember me
arrows.episode Arrows Her innocence
Episode dot Hot and pregnant
mvincent.episode Margo Vincent How to be a princess
CherryMaxis Chida I am you
katieb_episode Katie B I’ll find you
koolgal.epi Koolgal77 Kronus Elite
lovelyunicorn.episode Let me love him
S.Duran Lucid Dreams
Lurhu Lauren Moyer Making funds meet
MissC.Episode MissCarmen&Gracex Mrs.Rockstar Overnight
chelsealeighstories Chelsea Leigh Mutation
Anyanka.episode Anyanka My alien lover
langdon.episode S,Langdon My best friends father
MC_headywho Heather_Maree My cheesy badboy Love story for your thirsty moment
Loona My hearts quest
kimhun.episode kimhunkung My new school
Miranda Lynn Mysterious Northvieuw
Katie.Episode New chapter
NaomiM&YasminD Newbie in States
ChicGeek Obsessed
zetti.episode Zetti Paper hearts
grace.col_episode Grace Collins Peoudly be a vet
Tanzanite Perks of being a side chick
milena_episode Millena Phantom hall
Jessy Powerless
nis.writes Nis Regarding fandral
ella.j.episode Return to sender
Ted.writes T.E.D. Someone like me
misszetta.episode MissZetta Tension
? Pamela The beauty within
Horizen86 Horizen86 The Bucket List
blackswansmedia Blackswan The diaries of a plane jane
kdubbsepisode Kw,episode The group project
Heather The Murders at Riverview University
Fran_on_episode Fran on episode The scarlet letter
r.es.story r.es,story The seat next to me
stormiethewriter Stormie The Second Sorority
ceceramsay.official Cece Ramsay Twisted
humaiarabee Humaiara Haque Barsha Vampire academy
episode_jones Cora Mae Jones V-Card
storiesbybri Michaela Bri Vinding Paradise
aihart.episode Ai Hart VIPP
Ellaria jameson Who i am
epi.diana Haileda Red balloon
katvalentine.writes Kat Valentine The Boiling point
wiktoria.episode Wiktoria Forevel exopose me
Fairytale_addict Fairytale_addict Dear diary
amepisode Amanda Michele Fixation
rebecca.stories Rebecca V. Rolling admission
Bronte.episode Bronte&Jhonny legend Frat League
storiesbybri Michaela Bri Finding paradise
victoriad.episode Victoria D. Benediximus
Francesca.m_stories Francesca M, Marley’s Dream
alice.writes Alice white Myths Among Men
Oreo Biscuit The survival guide
starellewoods.episode Star Elle Woods Royal Education
rah.writers.epi RAH.writers The gifted Elite
flower.writess Flower Royal Nanny Academie
caitie_leigh.episode Caitie Leigh The Campus Murders
Alysa.writes Alysa.writes The Actual Reality
Wolf n’ dragon A Mystical Beginning
Mariah.Episode Sincerely Mariah A fallen skai
MeenksMinx The Prince of Freedom
episode_edina It’s Edina The Devil
kirbypoyopop Poyo Pop Stresses and Hamonies
Telliza Professor De la Rosa
Ava Rose, Sophie The real world
ep.abby Abby Rivera No control
AlexisS School Spirit
rainbow.episode Ms. Rainbow Miss Undercover
episodemaxine Maxine C To my Lovers
bfplayer.episode Mystery Girl The Scholarship
galacticgirlzz Galaxy Girl Becomming Me
fififoreign Meila and Toriah Campus Scandal
Epy.mixer epysode.mixer Sweet and Nice
shona_episode shona Emotions Overloaded
c.j._stories C.J. Alter Almost Grown
Anna V Finding Me
Swiggy Revenge Club
Kayla Jericho Revelations
ivy.stories IVY Starting Over
Divya Singh My regret
pikachuk18 PikachuK18 The end is just the beginning
episode.soulless Soulless Syd Wicked Academics
meliasummers Melia & Toriah Campus Scandal
Piccalilly_episode Piccalilly Competitive Edge
Annie J.D. College days
episode.trinity Ya Writer Trin Forbidden Truth
aswrittenby_dr.smile Dr. Smile Subsequent
Tuva S Code 2354
episodewriter31 Meliah Robot reboot
avaonepisode Ava R. Chasing Stars
morganlovesepisode MorganLovesEpisode Trick our Treath
Summer Restart
BlackDalia Prejudices
sleepycatzzzz sleepycat C.A.T.
Sophia M A new beginning
Elviirav A new chapter
Dias Ceey A new chapter
helenaax.episode Helena Roommates
yeet.episode Yeet Roommates
storiesbycat Cat J :smiley: Freshmans Year
SmileyMonster Faking it

Please help me to make my list full and right all the , that you see in between names need to be . it is my pc with that excel sheet that does that. In the beginning, I could make them in alphabetical order but now it gives an error, sorry not used to work with it.



Hi, my name is Anyanka, not Anyabjanka :smiley:


IG correct too? Because I tag if I have read it.


The problem I have is: Some of them have nothing to do with College and only think like “Oh, a contest. If I seem like if I enter in, I’ll get reads!” Which is messed up. And some of those stories are very racist and offensive. I don’t think you added them on the list but there are some.


i added what i found in episode under college days and then the letter a then the letter b then the letter c etc…
But i have read quict a few already and some are thriller too lol x


My instagram is iwrite.stories and my name is JessDeBest


Here you go :slight_smile:


Hi there! My Instagram is unchartedraider.episode ! No comma, just a period (: Thanks for making this list!


wich story list is a little bit long lol x


thank you this helps me a lot but i need to know wich are fully released yet i start with them, our i have to start all over again later, and there are no URL’s so i need fist no looking what i have got making one sheet and find those stories , thanks dear xxx


IG is fine, thank you! :slight_smile:


Please help me fill in the list there are IG names that are not there do you know the author let me know our a story that is not in it x


Hi! Thanks so much for making this list :slight_smile: I’m Lauren, author of Making Funds Meet. My instagram is @Lurhu – hope you enjoy my story if you read it :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Soulless Syd with Wicked Academics :slight_smile:
My instagram is @episode.soulless

Hope you enjoy my entry!


Hey, you’ve got my story there, Fixation (Thank you :heart_eyes:). My IG isn’t episode.knitters though. That’s a group I’m part of. My IG is the same as here amepisode :kissing_heart:


changed it x