Urgently looking for a writing partner!

Hey I’m looking for a writing partner (or a few) to help me write a story? I’m completely open to other people’s ideas etc. however I’m struggling more with the writers portal? I’m not new to Episode, I’ve been writing short stories on the mobile version but nothing too big. Please get back to me as soon as possible, you can message me on insta- saigestarepi
or on here . Thanks!

hey i can help you …If you want?

That would be great but I do need someone who is quite good at script writing? That’s one of the main things I’m really struggling with.

Oh okay i can a script all overlays, spot directing , speech bubbles and zooms . I mean i wrote a story from group account which is publish but I can understand if you want professional which i am not totally so - Yeah i can write but I wouldn’t say i am very good at it …You will find someone who is good at it :blush: Yeah i know when you are learning it is difficult but you will figure it out soon cause it’s easy when you learn it :wink:

As long as you know the basics we can both figure it out together? Also do you have any story ideas you might wanna add or whatever? :smile:

hmm … i have stories in my mind but i am focusing on mine but i have ideas but what you want to write about do you have any?

Rough idea- Extremely popular girl named Ryan, party girl, beautiful etc. She’s fearful and blunt and overly confident. She falls for a nerd/geek who has intimacy issues and he’s extremely vulnerable because of a traumatic past. After finding out more about him and developing a friendship she invites him to a party where he loses his virginity to her and gets her pregnant.

What do you think?

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well it’s awesome we will talk tomorrow about in instagram! bye for now

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Hey! Your story sounds really interesting! I would love to help you write it. I have been writing on episode for about two years now, so I am quite experienced and would love to help you. PM me if interested :grinning:

Hey, sorry it took so long to write back I haven’t been checking my email recently at all. I’m in hospital at the moment very sick but I would love your help as soon as I get out, that’s if your still interested. Thanks for getting back to me x

Don’t worry about it, just focus on getting better! I’m sorry you’re sick right now, but whenever you heal and are ready to start writing again message me and we can talk about how I can help you. :slight_smile: