Welcome to Jemma's art shop! (covers, splashes, or art scenes)


This isn’t really a cover or art but I know you can do it! It’s pretty much like my last splash except without the words and more details!

char 1

char 2

char 3

here’s an example (it’s what you made earlier)

here are the differences from mine and “the bomb”. i want a pure black background. i want char 1 to be where the blue haired girl is (please shade him everywhere like you did on the characters in “the bomb”). i want char 2 to be where the short blue haired girl is (please shade/tone her too everywhere like you did on the example). and i want char 3 to be where the guy is (and tone/shade her too). i don’t want any words on it. char 1 and 3 should be facing char 2. and yes shade/tone all of the characters! tysm if you can do this!


I’m not home now, I’ll send you it in 9 houres


Hey Jemma, how is the hand thing going?


Would you do a splash with this character:

Capture01.PNG212x622 53.1 KB

and this background:

588369.jpg2048x1365 166 KB

containing the text: This story contains mature themes and strong language
Pls make the text look creepy
tnx :blush:


And another splash in this:

the text: Credits: @Jemma1


They are amazing you are an artist


Can you make me “this story uses sound”
Im gonna send you a chahacter and a backround
10 min you have the details


Jemma, are my splashes done? :thinking:


Thank you very much but there is a girl that I can and she already helps me.


I haven’t gottoen through any of the shading yet and im almost done with coloring the hand



hiii if you could do one for me please message back and I’ll give you all the details. Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity :revolving_hearts:


Go ahead and send the details. I am going yo busy for most of the day to day, so expect it to be done around midnight. :grinning:


the only thing that’s a bit off is the lips. could you not tone those and then send them to me? ty!


okay! tysm! Sorry for the late reply too hah.
body, taupe
brows, mature round
hair, straight (auburn)
eyes, unturned feline (toffee)
face, round
nose, hooked
lips, full round (ruby red)
position: cry_sniff_loop

and the boy mc…
body, taupe
eyebrows, medium sharp
hair, short cropped hair (black)
eyes, piercing almond (blue)
face, diamond
nose, button
lips, small round (taupe)
position: standing behind the girl, hugging her

thank you so much for this it means the world to me!!!


Is that a little better?


Hey can you please do a cover with this charecter maybe a street background (you can choose as I don’t mind).Thanks in advance :grin:



Do you want to send the details?


yes of course. I’ll do a cover based on my own judgement i hope that’s ok