What are good movies to watch?

Yeah it’s such a great film! I didn’t see it until recently either but I truly love it

I’d recommend starting w old boy if you wanna try them out… it’s a lil less crazy hah. Both wonderful movies tho so I truly recommend trying them out.

Ahah nah I’m not offended. Haven’t seen Star Trek tho so I can’t relate

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The good movies for me. Acting and plot there are good:
My Sassy Girl
Citizen Kane
45 Years
The Man from Nowhere
Train to Busan

You can search them on dailymotion, megah filmes hd (apknite), viki

To all the boys I’ve loved before
Kissing both
High school school musical 1,2,3
Night school (has Kevin Heart)
Bohemian Rhapsody
Jack Reacher

Five feet apart, twilight 1-4/5 and SPF-18

Films by Marvel, Notebook, Maze runner, Divergent

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silence (2016)
the handmaiden (2016)
being there (1979)
the piano (1993)
loving vincent (2017)
the hobbit / lotr triology

i recommend (all on Netflix)

  • To All The Boy’s I Have Loved Before

  • The Perfect Date

  • Bird Box

  • The Kissing Booth

  • Lovely Bones

  • Room

  • Sierra Burgess Is A Loser

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