What are your pet peeves with Episode?

My pet peeves are:

  • When stories have episodes that are too damn long.

  • When stories have no customization.

  • When stories have no music.

  • When stories have unnecessary gem choices.

  • When authors turn off their fanmail or when they ignore your fanmail.

  • When people ghost you for doing an r4r, reviewing your story, or making an art request.

What are your pet peeves with Episode?


People demanding customisation in stories.


Annoys me cuz it seems everyone wants to not add CC anymore…

When people put art scenes in FULL CC stories and expect everyone to be okay with that. Breaks immersion.

“Strong bada**” MC tropes they arent. Theyre just alt. mean girls who hide their meaness under the guise of being “gaurded” I hate them. I hate this and how ppl think its better than shy/nice MCs

When authors put passive agressive messages about why you shouldnt make MCs dark skinned cuz lets be real 90% of art is…euro centric.

Art scenes in general. Idk how they became popular.

When stories have NO choices and NO CC its like what am I reading it for…just mindless taps

When authors lock skintones leaving only fair skintones but let everything else be custom and theres no real reason…nor is it ever really relevant to the plot tbh

Modern clothes/skimpy clothes

Enemies to “lovers” trope. I cant get behind two ppl who hate each other suddenly wanting each other. They are always done poor and arguing isnt romantic at all to me. Its on par with bullies to lovers.

Art covers with everyone being half naked. Doesnt make me wanna pick up a story

Virgin shaming(where MC always get pressured to do it and somehow shes horrible cuz shes not) which leads to a 1night stand messes with some guy she likes and it fixes all her “problems”. MCs friends always are never helpful and tryn shame her for it.


Agreed, like if you want CC just dont read my story :joy: