What Do You Like?


I don’t know if this will be fun or not but I just wanted to make this and have people just say something that they like to do and then the person below them says whether they also like the thing or not then they tell us something that they like so I will start I guess and say…
I love Harry Potter.:blue_heart:
(Sorry if I didn’t explain everything that well I am very tired but refuse to sleep)


I think Chris Tomlin is cute!


He’s alright XD
I love the PlayStation so much💙


I love Harry Potter and Percy jackson


Lol same💙
I also love YouTube!~


Its okay :joy:

I love cooking


I love Chris Hemsworth!


I also love cooking…and Chris Hemsworth XD
I love Stranger Things the TV show💙


I actually haven’t watched it but I like the concept!

I really really love Les Misérables and The Great Gatsby


I love both of those things too❤️ XD
I love Shane Dawson the YouTuber XD :rainbow:


I love Loki.
I love Chocolate.
I love Movies- Sad Romantic movies.
I love drawing.
I love making my parents proud (yes I know, I like attention, being the youngest sibling doesn’t mean you get the most attention) and in a surprised way, like “Oh you did a extra page of math!”
I love skiing.
I love singing in the shower.
I love listening to Ludovico Einaudi- his music is beautiful.
I love Vanilla Chocolate- hot chocolate with vanilla syrup.
I love Game of Thrones.
I love White.
I love Winter,
I love Christmas.
I love Gal Gadot, she’s amazing.
I love James McAvoy, he’s amazing.
That’s it.


Wonderful XD :blue_heart:


:sparkling_heart: Webtoons
:sparkling_heart: Episode Stories/Forums
:sparkling_heart: Harry Potter
:sparkling_heart: Hogwarts Mystery
:sparkling_heart: My ipad, apple pencil, and procreate
:sparkling_heart: Guitar
:sparkling_heart: My Family
:sparkling_heart: My Friends
:sparkling_heart: My Forum Friends
:sparkling_heart: EDM
:sparkling_heart: Blue
:sparkling_heart: Soccer
:sparkling_heart: Movies
:sparkling_heart: Imagines or Fanfic
:sparkling_heart: Music
:sparkling_heart: Books
:sparkling_heart: Dogs


I love Metal Music
I love Rock Music
I love Funny Films
I love Autumn
I love Dave Grohl
I love Bring Me The Horizon
I love Bobs Burgers
I love Grimm
I love Oli Sykes
I love While She Sleeps
I love Harry Potter
I love Animals
I love Ricky Gervais
I love Episode
I love Game of Thrones
I love Vans
I love MyFamily
I love My Friends
I love My BF
I love the Colour Black
I love Wattpad
I love Computer Games
I love Impractical Jokes

…I could go on…


erm chocolate? :chocolate_bar:


I also love…
Ghost Adventures
Strawberries :strawberry:
Watermelon :watermelon:
Cheeseburgers :hamburger:
Steak :cut_of_meat:
Forensic Files
Wicked the musical
Frank Sinatra :musical_score:
Guys and Dolls - Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat
Neil Patrick Harris
Tom Hiddleston
Ewan McGregor
Edgar Allan Poe books
Nancy Drew books
Guns N’ Roses :wilted_flower:
Bon Jovi
Michael Jackson
Whitney Houston
Conan O’Brien
Jordan Schlansky
Shane Dawson
Conspiracy Theories
Moulin Rouge
Elf the movie :popcorn:
Seth Meyers
Destiel :heartpulse:
Phantom Of The Opera :performing_arts:
Harry Potter
The Conjuring 1 and 2
Insidious 1, 2, and 3
The Exorcist
The Poltergeist
Ricky Gervais
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dave Chappelle
Kevin Hart
Ellen DeGeneres
Arrested Development
Stardust the movie :star2:
The Princess Bride :crown:
I also love Winter
And Loki
Halloween :jack_o_lantern:
Michael Myers
Friday the 13th
The Nightmare On Elm Street
I love the colors black, red, and blue
I love reading
And also classic rock :notes:
Betty White

And more… :blue_heart:


I like watching people reply to threads that aren’t mine.


I also like replying to wrong comments


i Like eating a lot until I’m really bloated I look pregnant even when I’m not even hungry


Oh lord,
Tom Hiddleston? Yes!
British people are so nice!
I also love Benedict Cumberbatch,
Eddie Redmayne,
and she’s Irish, by the way, her name is pronounced (Seer-sha, but it interview it’s Ser-sha?)
Saoirse Ronan