What do you not like in episode stories?

What are your turn offs for reading new episode stories?


Really badly butchered directing and way too many grammar mistakes :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts: I don’t mind basic directing if the story line is fab but if there are way too many mistakes it can take away from the story.


When an author says ‘this is my first story’ or ‘it gets longer or more interesting In chapter #’ bad directing makes me crazy and messy speech-bubbles are just… eh-

No character development makes me wanna cry and a ‘wanna be defenseless nerd’ and a ‘I can get all the men’ there’s nothing wrong with being confident it just rubs me the wrong way :woman_shrugging:t2: and last but not least if the plot is boring and bad grammar I guess :relieved:

Choices? Don’t care
Cc? Don’t care


Hmm, stereotypes, really bad grammar, no character development. I find stereotypes really annoying, for anything. It also bothers me when their grammar is so bad to the point that I have to read three times to understand.


grammar / spelling that’s bad, a plain storyline, unidimensional characters, a single plot, only one character perspective & something that’s too cliche.


when the grammar is garbage…that is the biggest turn off for me LMAO. I can’t take it. i also hate it when dialogue is just so cringe. I understand some parts are just going to be but for majority of the time the conversations should sound like real life conversations. OH AND INFO DUMPS I HATE INFO DUMPS :sob: :sob:

  • bad grammar/spelling
  • when the romance is too “cliche” and rushed
  • when stories overuse themes (ex: bad boy meets good girl, rich billionaire and simple girl, mafia leader meets good girl, etc.)
    don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about these themes, but people overuse them too much
  • toxic relationships
  • boring mc

Bad layering. :see_no_evil:


What are info dumps


instead of telling the backstory throughout the chapter thru actions , they just provide it all at one time


Holy crap. Where do I start?

• When the author creates their own avatar to give the message a reader at the beginning of every chapter. The beginning of the first chapter and the frequently asked questions part are acceptable times to do this, but it shouldn’t go on for too long.
• When the author tells you the point/message of their story right away at the beginning. They should really let the audience think for themselves.
• When all the characters talk exactly the same way.
• Sloppy directing.
• Incredibly predictable plots.
• When the author goes out of their way to write in a cliche. If a cliche fits into your story, it’s tolerable, but don’t force one in there.
• Too many pop culture references.
• Blatant misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia. Subtle misogyny/racism/homophobia/transphobia is worse, but I’ll probably get farther into the story before I realize what’s going on.
• Characters whose lines are not believable. Like, if it’s not believable that they/anyone ever would say that.

There’s a lot more, but I have homework to do.


When you just get so much information, you can’t even process half of it. Basically usually when new authors just start the episode saying that the character lost her parents in a car crash now she’s moved on and she’s happy with her life then she met a man that ruined her life then she got pregnant-
Like chile. :skull::no_mouth:
That’s basically an example of it tbh. :joy:


A turn off for me is when an author says that it’s their first story and that their directing will improve and episodes will get longer. Not to sound rude, but I’ve been there before and my episodes definitely didn’t get longer, nor did my directing. I had to work on those things before I started writing my actually published story so I didn’t look sloppy. Bad layering can set me off especially if it’s a kissing scene because it’ll look like the characters are kissing each other’s clothes. Also, I don’t mind a little cringe but if it gets to the point where I’m literally cringing for the characters, that story is cancelled for me. I also hate when the emotionally unavailable mc falls for the bad boy li in episode two. There’s a difference between fiction and horribly unrealistic plots.
Those are only a few of the things I don’t like…:joy:


I agree.

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all the HETERONORMATIVITY it’s very rarely i come across any lgbt representation on episode

  • Bad Directing
  • Bad Layering
  • Bad Grammar
  • “ThIs Is My FiRsT sToRy”
  • “ThE fIrSt ChApTeR MiGhT bE sHoRt BuT tHeY gEt LoNgEr”
  • No TW
  • B a s i c plot
  • When it moves to quickly / slowly
  • Just a genuinley bad storyline
  • When people just add in a gang or mafia or something when they don’t need to