What engages you in a story?

Are there specific elements that will cause you to stop or start reading an Episode story? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. :smile:


An unexpected pregnancy of the MC with the bad boy.


I sincerely hope you mean that it will stop you from reading something. :joy:

Kidding, everyone has their own opinion.

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stuff happening. like drama and such. but not drama . like sleepining with five boys and get pregnant. and a mean girl who hates.

like an actual plot.


Also bad grammar (this includes also no full stops at the end of each dialogue) and bad directing. And when the narrator takes 10 min just to say something like “sorry for the bad grammar” or “the first episode isn’t good, but I promise the future ones will be better!”. Also when the author keeps changing episodes so you have to re-read the chapter and it’s very annoying.


Haha ofc it stops me!

OMG I only slept with 16 guys, how could I ever have gotten pregnant? :scream:


Oh also the MC with a DARK PAST! I’m sick of it.

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I’m a little sick of the whole mafia storyline, like I’ll read a story with it if it’s highly recommended and it has other plot lines than just the mafia,but other than that I tend to avoid it.


Disengages: Evidence of carelessness or ignorance (eg. careless grammar, poor researching, vague setting/background info, stereotypical characters), cliches, pregnancy, lack of creativity, or anything that appears generic and doesn’t stand out.

Engages: Effort & excellence (eg. special directing, excellent or flawless grammar, character/setting development), creative ideas, anything that breaks the mould and deviates from the usual.

I’m currently reading one story with a lot of poetic narration, beautiful backgrounds, and kind of a vague plot so far; idk if I’d say I’m a fan yet, but I’ve definitely found something different than a simple boy-meets-girl, so it’s the kind of story that gets a whole-hearted try from me lol.


Mean Girls… Enough said

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Lol. ONLY 16

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I stop reading when the boy gets another girl pregnant or the boy cheats or there is another girl like that’s why I stopped reading body tangled when another girl is like super obsessed
When it is like really weird
And I start stories if they have like good cover art and if the description is good but I also pay most of my attention to the reads also

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I stop reading
-when the story gets too cliche
-when the story is too predictable
-when the grammar is bad
-when a story that isn’t about romance centers around the MC and her love interest and ignores everything else

I start/continue stories
-if I like the description
-if the first chapter is good
-if the story isn’t cliche
-if the directing is decent at least
-if I feel that the characters have personalities and aren’t all basic