What is a wrighting partner?

So i was thinking of having a wrighting partner but i dont intierly know how it works or how you do it can someone help explain


It really varies from one writing pair to another.

Here are some examples I’ve heard:

  1. Both partners in the same room / chat improvise the dialogue in a scene.

  2. One writes a chapter, then hands it over to the other to continue.

  3. One writes a chapter, then hands it over to the other to rewrite/revise/punch up.

  4. Assigned blocks of work. “You do the opening and closing and I’ll do the middle”

  5. By skill set strengths: “You write the action scenes, I’ll write the steamy romantic bits” or “I’ll write the description, you do the dialogue”, or “You write the men, I’ll write the women”, or “I’ll write the contemporary part of the story, you write the flashbacks/backstory”

  6. One writer writes the outline, the second writes the script.

  7. Each writer takes a turn at rewriting a draft, which gets passed back and forth.

  8. Some other system you work out between yourselves.


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I have a writing partner (Liz, hi I’m Mar) we basically brain storm what we want in a story and what we don’t want. We talk about key point that MUST happen then we fill in the rest with dialogue scenes etc. Liz is the main writer I do all the coding but I read over what she has written down and add or take away some scenes, fix grammatical errors, etc. Since English is out main language (but it’s our second language) we have the opportunity to fix our mistakes.

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ohhh ok

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