What Story Should I Publish First?

I have a dilemma, I have two story ideas I want to publish, but I do not know which one to publish first. So I decided to host a poll, if you have any suggestions etc. for my stories, please comment th down below. :slight_smile:

So, my first story idea is called [Im] Perfection, this is the description.

After the tragedy of World War 3, the nations left standing came together to form one big “super-nation,” Pangaea. Society was ushered into a golden age, massive technological and medical advancements, the world was…perfect. And that’s what Delta thought too, that is, until the messages came. A year after Delta’s best friend, Luna, went missing, she received an array of messages from…Luna? Leaving everything she knew behind, Delta went on a dangerous journey to find her best friend realizing her “perfect world” wasn’t quite as perfect as it seemed.

This story is much more adventurous, action-y, and eye-catching. However, I want to do it in the “I Married A Millionaire” style meaning there will be no choices, it will just be a visual novel.

My next story idea will be titled The Meaning of Beauty. It is the story of a model with a seemingly perfect life, but after an accidental scandal she relocates to France where she learns the true meaning of beauty. This story is definitely the more heartfelt of the two and will include choices.

So, which one should I do first?

  • [Im] Perfection
  • The Meaning of Beauty

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I guess I am doing [Im] Perfection! (I will be publishing both stories, but that one first). Thank you all so much for voting, it really helped with my descision and I appreciate it :blush:

both stories sound awesome! i will definitely be reading!

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Thank you! :blush: