Where in the world are you?

So in this game you have to give clues as to where about you live (city and/or country)
IMPORTANT!!: I’m sure I don’t need to say this but remember your safety! Don’t give details that could actually allow someone to be able to find you such as street name, town names and similar. So here we go!

I’m going to do both.


  1. Our flag red white and blue
  2. The first line to our anthem is “God save our gracious Queen.”


  1. We are known well for our pottery industry
    2 It is the home and resting place of Molly Leigh who was a suspected to be a witch.
  2. We are known for oatcakes and lobby.
  3. The city is made up oc 6 towns.

Lets see what you guys think!

That is where Molly Leigh lived and died and is also one of the 6 towns. Can you name the city this is in?

You pretty much got it anyway. I was just trying to broaden the area rather than the actual town I am in as they are quite close to eachother so it’s just so I’m not letting people know my exact location.

But Burslem is close enough as it is part of the city :grinning:


Yeah :slight_smile:

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