Would love a writing partner <3

So I’m a new writer and I would like a writing partner. Like I have a somewhat idea of what I want the story to be about but I would love someone to help make a few changes and help do choices and cc and stuff like that. and if possible I would love if someone could make me a free art cover that would be sooo nice and I just really need help but everyone be safe :blush: :white_heart:


I could help you and be your writing partner! However, I can’t make you a cover sorry. :confused:

Hey! and Omg that would be so nice and so much fun!!! and that’s ok lol it was worth a shot tho :joy: :revolving_hearts:

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If you would like a free cover, you can try looking at cover shops. And I’m happy I could help!

I can totally make you a free art cover! Here’s the link to my art shop :slightly_smiling_face: Drama_club25's Art Shop! (OPEN!)

Hey so do you have instagram??

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Yes! It’s @tropical.hurricane.episode

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