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Hi y’all!
I’ve just finished my cover and description for my story but I feel like something isn’t right?
I would love if you gave your opinions, feel free to give me rude and amazing feedback as all is good. Thank yooou!


After your Father is murdered your forced to move across the world to America, Can you live life as a normal teenager or will your family secrets be revealed?



I feel like the cover doesn’t represent the description.


Hmm, yeah I can definitely see that. I wanted to have the cover just about the girl, so I might change the description a bit. Thank you :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and good luck with your story! :blush:

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I really like your cover, although it doesn’t match with the story for me. The drawing is amazing, so props for that! I don’t know why but I’d change the title’s look (maybe add some more fancy font or change the color of the rectangle) but that’s probably my personal preferences.

The description is too short for me. Maybe add something more? I’ve written one for you as an example:

We all have our little secrets, don’t we? As much as they are protected by us, some accidents might destroy that wall we build around them. Your father’s shocking death forces you to move to America… where brick by brick that wall will start to disappear…


Yes, I definitely agree. I was freaking out because I didn’t know how to add my title as it’s really crowded! I’ll for sure use your advice.

As for the description, somehow Episode only let me use two lines? So here I was trying to add more but It just cut off at the SeCoNd line.

-Cover, Thank you!


Really? :woman_facepalming:t3:
But there are so many stories with long descriptions, I hope I’m not wrong on that statement :grimacing:!

You’re welcome! :rose:

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There are stories with four lines! I’m pretty sure anyway…

My description

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Eh, I really didn’t know that :confused:
But, I still hope I helped :rose:

Guess I have to change my description too :flushed: cause it’s too long :joy:

Haha you did! It might just be that I’m writing the description on my iPad Pro? I’ll try on my computer.

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Oh, okay! Tell me if it works there :wink:

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description is making me click! the cover doesn’t represent story, even if deawing is really cute. i suggest maybe adding different background and using another fonts. also maybe removing red line. hope i’m not too critic:)

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The description is decent, but needs a little refinement:
After your father is murdered, you’re forced to move across the world to America. Can you live life as a normal teenager or will your family secrets be revealed?
I also rewrote this description so that it emphasizes the drama of her father’s murder and that mc just wants a normal life:
Your father’s been murdered. Now you’re forced to move across the world, to America. Can you live as a normal, happy teen again? Or will family secrets come to light? CC-2 LI-LGBTQ

Not sure what genre your story is in 100%, so I played around a bit lol.
I made a small and large cover. There’s are free photos so if you wanna draw something similar go right ahead! Just wanted to give you some new ideas :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feedback!

Wow thank you! I’m thinking of using my cover for a different story I make one, I’ll definitely keep in mind your ideas for the cover! Thank you x

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I like the description But as the others Said I don’t Feel like the cover really suits the description/story

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I think the cover needs to be a bit dark if that makes sense, it feels too bright for the story concept atm

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YES! yes yes yes yes!

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