Writers block! <3

How do you guys overcome writers bock? I feel stuck.

Any good tips? :white_heart:


Often when I’m stuck I read any of my fav stories or pick up a new one that intrigues me. I also go and look at my author friends’ progresses, I share their sneak peek, update posts etc. It has helped me a lot :heartpulse:


I like reading prompts related to my WIP to try and get ideas. Tumblr has hundreds, if not, thousands of great accounts dedicated to story prompts of many, many themes, scenarios, and tropes. Pinterest has a lot of these prompts as well, though they’re almost always reposts from Tumblr.

You could also work on other aspects of your story, such as the covers, description, title, or even things more Episode-specific, like backgrounds or coding for writing you’ve already typed out.


I love reading these kinds of posts because they always give me new ideas for how I can get ideas myself. :raised_hands:

I go back to my favorite scenes in the books I have read over the past year and reread. They often spark an emotion that will help me get an idea for my own story.

I also really enjoy listening to music as a way to get in the right mindset for a scene I am working on. I make playlists for my stories and that helps me a lot.

I also recently started conversing with an AI. And while the AI often just gives some basic stuff, it can sometimes help me get ideas by combining stuff and asking it follow up questions.