‘writers package : help for all writers

hi ! so i haven’t been on forums for quite a while but i just released a writers help package on my instagram.

it contains resources to use to help develop your characters, plan out plot lines and other tips and goodies on the side.

feel free to check it out my google drive, everything all free to use just check out my google drive, the link is below. content is uploaded weekly, leave your suggestions what to add below :butterfly::sparkles:

writers package : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YDAc5deIWslz4Z8z0YoqZue92Z6jK3eC

let me know your thoughts and opinions (:


It’s really helpful!! definitely share with more people xx

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Wow this is really helpful! Thank you so much! :smiley:

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BAHAHA!!! Charles Boyle starter pack I’m dying :joy: :laughing:

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aww thank you so much xo

i appreciate you checking it out x

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we stan a king

We all know he’s gonna be the best Uncle Chi Chi (I hope you’re caught up lol)

bump (:

This is very helpful, thank you a lot for putting so much effort in this :heart:

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