Yeah... IDK what happened

I created 2 more new characters because I want them to have hidden identities until later, but when I tried to let the reader change the characters name, for the fake name… it won’t come up. It worked before, when I tried :

So your Name is [FN ALIAS]

The new/fake name came up, but it wont do it again when I switch the narration to her talking. IDK what that error box on the right is…

Did you change the display name too? Also, are you using a script from ink by any chance?

The display name is the same as the script name. Ink? Idk, I got the script from the script templates on the right

Sometimes this happen to me for no reason and I refresh the page everything go back to normal :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

If you want the name to pop up when they speak, you need to change their display as well. When you choose your stock character, you have to give their script name. Then, when customizing them, you find the display name. Change the display name FN ALIAS and it will work! Keep in mind that the portal doesn’t save this so the display name will be shown as FN ALIAS if you didn’t manually typed in their name. Let me know if you could follow!!