Zoom issues despite @zoom resets


In every single scene in my story, I always have a @zoom reset at the beginning, I also check each episode multiple times before publishing to make sure there aren’t any errors and that everything works fine, however, recently, I’ve been getting a number of complaints telling me that after a certain point, they can only see the bottom right hand corner of the screen, I don’t understand why this is happening because everything works fine on my phone. People have told me that they’ve restarted the app and the issue hasn’t gone away, and I’ve checked through my scripts and there’s no errors in terms of zooming. I don’t understand why this is happening and it’ really stressful.


Hello @TheMissyK, sorry to hear about your issue. Try submitting a help ticket to our support team, they’d more than happy to help! :smiley:


If anyone has sent you screen shots, does the error look like the picture below. If it does, then it is not a mistake on your part. It is a glitch Episode has been having. Tell your readers to also submit a support ticket to Episode.


As far as solutions to this go, nothing I tried (like restarting and clearing cache) worked. And Episode didn’t give me any kind of solution, they just said they are aware of the glitch (but your readers should still submit a ticket).


Yeah, that’s exactly it thank you!