A coder for some days?!

hi, so idk if I’m going to find any coder for some days, but if any of you are there please let me know! Actually my laptop’s charger is not working and it’s not restocked in the market either😭 so , I just a coder I’ll send you everything lines&stuff also I have to publish 3 Chapters in 5 days , I’ve coded 1,2&3. 3rd half only! But there are still some errors in 1&2 ik coding very well! Just that till I don’t have my laptop I want someone … if you’re willing to help drop your insta down! (And I’m sorry, but I can’t pay) there’s nothing much to code! It’s not a lot of work!

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can u send a ss from one of ur chapter lemme look at

A ss of what? :sweat_smile:

screen shot one of ur story chapters

Okay, wait

I know darling but can you take ss from ur script ?

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or copy and paste ur script it would be more usefull

can I pm you?


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Hi I can help you if you are still looking for it. My insta is @mis_finite

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