A Genuine Question

Hi everyone,

I’ve read the guidelines but I want confirmation from people because I don’t want to post anything and then get flagged and the post removed. Can someone please let me know what you cannot say on a post on the forums in terms of a rant? I posted a rant I felt many people would empathize and agree with and I came back and it’s gone. I used * in any words that may seem offensive or not family friendly but I still got flagged so if anyone could let me know how to properly rant without getting my post removed, thank you. Also, I did not specify any author names, character names or story names in my rant that got removed. I’d really like to see other people’s input on this topic and repost it more appropriately I guess. Thank you.

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usually things get removed because they’re in the wrong category, but i think it depends what the rant was about, if it any way appeared as bullying or smth whether you named names or itll get removed, id also avoid using any words you have to * and just redact them instead.


Hi there @superbad, the guidelines below state that:

Any threads for ranting are in violation of the guidelines and will be removed :grinning:

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