Announcing the winners of the Fantastical Contest!


Hello Episodians,

It’s our pleasure today to announce the winners of the Fantastical contest! There were many great stories submitted and we want to thank everyone for their participation in the contest. I’m sure you’re all curious to see who our winners are, so without further ado, here are you Fantastical contest winners…[Drum Roll]

Fantastical: Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W. :point_left: Winner of Best Directing :movie_camera: :tada:
Fantastical: Stranded by Mavis Rosebrook
Fantastical: The Tale Makers by Eleanor & Janna
Fantastical: The Art Of Trolling by Hanna K.M.
Fantastical: Bound to the Lust Demon by HumanBean
Fantastical: Tainted Souls by Noella Mei
Fantastical: Caught Up in the Moment by Ana Stacy
Fantastical: Deadly Lovers by N. J Colin

ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" Congratulations to all of the winners! ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"


Congrats to everyone who won :tada:

And well done to everyone who entered, lots of amazing stories came out of this contest!


Congratulations to all the winners! I really enjoyed this contest, definitely my favourite so far!





Thank you so much to Episode and to everyone :heart:


Thank you so much, I’m so glad to be on the shelf with so many of my favorite entries:D Congratulations everyone!


Congrats everyone!

This was an amazing contest, so many awesome stories :slight_smile:


Congratulations to everyone!! :grin:



body unclear blah blah


Congratz everyone! :grin:


Congratulations to everyone who won!


Thank you :cry::cry::cry: Honored to be here with everyone!


Congrats to everyone who won! One of my favorite contests to read so far :slight_smile:


Congratulations :3


Congratulations to everyone who won! :tada:
And well done to everyone who entered.:sparkles:
Lots of amazing stories, can’t wait to check them out! :grin::heart:


Congrats to all the Winners!!!
So proud of all of you!!!


Moonlit Feathers’ award is well deserved


Thank you and congratulations to all the other winners! And to all those who entered. This was an amazing contest. So many worthy entries I’m honoured to be on the shelf.


Thank you so much to everyone who supported me along the way and thank you Episode for this amazing oppertunity. :heart: :heart:



Dear @Jesse,

Thank you very much for this announcement and, again, congratulations to all the winners. Guys, please, don’t take this post personally, nobody doubts that you have deserved the spot on the shelf. You all did a great job and the appeal below has nothing to do with you winning. Congratulations and best of luck in the future! :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

So, our appeal.

During the last contest, the H&V one, many had questions about the judging system. After a long discussion (FEATURE: supporting small authors discussion) we started a whole transparency initiative (We would like to know how the contests work)

We asked a series of questions and Liz kindly replied saying that you are preparing the answers. Since Liz is now busy with more pleasant matters (again, our congratulations and best wishes) we believe you would be the best person to address these questions to.

Our main question is whether every entry is read by the judging panel (at least 1 episode). If yes, we would like to have a chance to request our scores, both retention and rubric ones. This will not only make the contests more transparent, this will also allow us to assess our weaknesses as writers and improve to do better in the next contests.

Below I am tagging all the indifferent who supported the initiative from the very start. There are many more now, and even some Fantastical contest winners have joined the movement too. We would highly appreciate if you could give answers to our questions.

Thank you very much in advance.

Kindest regards,
The indifferent and Alex.

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