Any ideas for what could happen in my new upcoming story?

Hi guys! I have a new upcoming story called Regrets and Threats!
Blurb: Alexis gets caught red handed and sent to jail for kidnapping and assault. But the thing is, she didn’t do it. Can she survive jail, and along the way, fall in love?

I already have ideas for this story but it’s not enough.
Can you guys give some ideas for this.

Reminder: It’s a jail story so have ideas that make sense.

Thanks! :wink:


I have two. To be safe while in jails she meets another prisoner who she befriends and the prisoner tells her she will protect her, along the way she develops feelings for her. Doing this idea you bring diversity to your story by having a lesbian relationship.

The other, similar thing of protection but it’s with a male guard. Initially she and the guard despise each other, he treats her like dirt because she is a prisoner. Something happens along the way to make him see her differently and the develop something special between each other.


Thanks for the idea! :smile:

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I might have an idea.

The MC meets another prisoner in her cell. (I imagined some badass girl with short grey or blue hair but the guy would be okay too) The second prisoner is kinda rude to the MC (she/he can call her a wimp or make fun of her because she isn’t guilty although she is in jail). Their friendship develops when some unexpected thing happens. She/he decides to run away from here because (as she/he said) this place is driving her/him insane! The MC doesn’t support that idea. In the next episodes, MC tries to convince her/him to stay - they are now best friends.
Then in the next chapter when the MC wakes up she noticed that her friend isn’t here anymore. (in the episodes before that the MC and the prisoner talk about the jail and the MC gives her some special information about that place -> so basically the prisoner used her to run away from prison).

– I am sorry for any mistakes but English is not my first language

The only thing would be that suicide is against episodes guidelines

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Oh, I didn’t know that, sorry. I will delete it.
Now it should be fine. :grin:
Again, I apologize.

As long as it’s done respectfully then it’s not a problem.

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Thank for your response. I will keep that in mind.

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No probz

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My idea would be:

MC becomes friends with another prisoner and they tell each other the story on why were they arrested and we get to see flashbacks of how it all happen.

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my idea…


she is put in a cell with another prisoner (male), he is cold and does not talk much with her, she says all the time that she was not, in a hurry, said the boy, that it has no purpose, believe her anyway Not. the girl then says that he does not believe her anyway, the boy then says, maybe I believe you , maybe not…

the girl says (exhausted) what should she do.

the boy thinks, and thinks, suddenly it rings at break and he says, then survive first then think about it and went to break.

During the break, she gets to know a girl, later she introduces that girl all prisoners (not personally under stretch) she tells her that she should not mess with others, if she wants to survive.

So in the story, the boy does not trust her and does not want to have her near him, that girl wonders why he is so on it. but slowly they come closer, and in the course of the story she learns the truth about the boy and tries to get him out of the way. the boy learns that she knows and let her go.

but in the end they come together …
or one of those dies :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So it’s just a random idea of ​​mine :woman_shrugging:


Thanks for the idea

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thanks for the idea!

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