Any male main characters for episode or similar app

Are there any episodes or similar apps that have a male as the lead character my fiance plays episode 24/7 I think it’s great but can’t find any that have stories from male perspective

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Fragile Bonds by Human Bean
The Ladies Man’s Playbook by Scotti


Gallelio School of Magic! Woot!

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Pretty much anything by @Echo_D is amazing! All of her stories are male leads and she has both mystery and drama stories. I highly recommend her writing!


I plan on writing a story with a male lead

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Also the dark Prince, I think that’s what it’s called

Plz let me know when you do and how I can access it

I can’t seem to find any of these can you point me in the right direction

I just barely started on it, right now I’m focusing on finishing another story I have. If you follow me on Episode or Instagram you can find it there when I finally upload it.

thank you :yellow_heart:

“Pearl” by pjane. It has a Male MC and it has different perspectives on the other characters as well, especially the female secondary character/love interest.

Natural Selection has two main characters, one of whom is male.
In Curmudgeon you play as an old man-- the titular curmudgeon.
The Quest by Cricket Master has a male protagonist.

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