Anyone wanna be Jack?

Jack is a character in my story, he dies.

Jack attacks an old man for being of a certain group, one of the characters you play as either:

Makes right choice:
Kills him to protect the old man.
In the story, you succeed in saving the MCs great-grandfather, she kills Jack however as you cannot stop that. So, the old man says he killed him to protect his great-granddaughter.

The old man kills him to save her.
You failed, Jack is going to kill you, then your great-grandfather.
So, your great-grandfather has to kill Jack, and you try to help him but your great-grandfather begs you not to touch him or the weapon.
The police find out he killed him and takes him to jail.

She dies.
You’ve failed, Jack kills you because you didn’t get the gun in time nor did you playing as the old man get the gun in time, you both get killed.

Game over.

This is a literal lose-lose situation.

Basically, I don’t know what to make him – Jack – look like.

I’m confused… Are you saying that someone kills jack to save the old man then the old man kills the person who saved him? I think you should elaborate a bit more…

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I never have a post that was never edited. XD

LOL I generally don’t either. Let me re-read it and I’ll give an idea :slight_smile: You do mean what jack looks like? Or the old man?

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Okay, thanks for clarifying. Is there any certain race or group identity that goes with his character (you said that he attacks the old man for being in a different group). Is he a mafia style bad guy or an all black criminal clothes type guy? suit and tie? Just trying to get an idea for his clothing so I can put something together. I’ll pop over to my practice script and throw something together :slight_smile:

Well, they belong to a fake race.

Let me get the stats for it.

Okay :slight_smile:

Asodoaes or an Asodoa is a race from native-Americans, they are the main race of the country they live in on the continent they live in. A few of them are mixed Asodoa by heritage and the fact that back then most Asodoaes were nomads, as in they all traveled together to different countries.
Most Asodoaes have Ashy skin tones or colors.
Most Asodoaes look mixed Asian (Japanese) and Native American and Black together in a whole.

Black as in African-American

I’m black myself, my mom said to change the name from Necro because it sounds like “Negro” and that people would say that I am saying that black people are bad and never meant to be born, I never thought of that, so I actually wanted to change the name but backed out, that’s why I stated that they aren’t “Negroes” or black, they CAN be black because they’re group origin story is based on how you were born, not by race. As a Necro is someone thought to come from necromancy, they all have a mark on their shoulder given by Satan to further ruin their lives to say so. They’re a group of unfortunate people who get discriminated against. In the story, you have to: Free them, save the MC, save the sisters Blossom and Amita.
I don’t believe necromancy is good, but the story says that they should be treated equally and with respect, as it wasn’t they’re fault they were born. They are victims of it as it makes them spiritually vulnerable, and Satan watches them like a hawk, causing their many birth defects and societal bias and issues. Most of the parents that ask for Necroes know that will happen, and still go through with it.

All characters but one can die.

What race is Jack? Which clan/race does he belong to?

He’s not a necro, he’s actually attacking the old man because the old man is.

Jack is a Asodoa.

I’m going to use this story to show that no matter who you are, Jesus will always take you in.

Oh, okay. I get it. I made a mix of the native/african-american skin tone (and truthfully, I love the dreads they came out with LOL.) Also, when I read Necro- I thought necromancy… the word “negro” never crossed my mind. So, I think it’s fine to leave it as it is.

Also, your story sounds super neat. I’m looking forward to giving it a read. I really like the idea that it has lose-lose situations. My story does, too. (completely different type of story though. LOL)

Oh and I just put him in an already made outfit. I sugest changing it to fit in with his clan.

Can I have a listof the names you picked?

Like, names of his body ports