Art Theft and Other Things

Okayyy. This has been quite a bothersome subject for me recently, and I decided to post a thread just spreading awareness for this issue. At this point, I’ve had enough of this and I want it to end.

In a nutshell,

Stealing art is not okay


Don’t take someone else’s work – and take credit for it. This applies to everything. Script templates, artwork, edits, overlays, backgrounds, etc. etc.

If something is not yours and you are using it or taking credit for it – that is stealing.

Put yourself in the shoes of an artist. You just worked really hard on a piece. You post it on the forums / instagram / another social media platform because you are proud of the outcome of the piece. Someone then proceeds to take that art – add their own watermark, or crop out your existing watermark.

I’d personally feel pretty bad. And although this hasn’t happened to me, in my knowledge – I feel very sorry for people who do end up having their work stolen.

This doesn’t just apply to art. There are other people who put hard work into Episode templates / overlays / backgrounds only to have them used without any credit given to the creator.

In all of my stories – I’ve always given credit to the people who created any cutomization templates, overlays and such.

I am aware that this has been a problem for a long time – not just on the forums – but on every social media outlet. I just decided to create this thread – as I would like to spread some awareness.

Art group drama is getting old


Before I get into this – there is another thread from not too long ago, about this subject, and how people should be more positive in the Episode community. There are some excellent points – and I highly recommend you check it out.

Onto the discussion of art group drama now – it sucks. To its credit, though – it has died down slightly, and I’m so thankful about that.

I’d say I’m a pretty good source when it comes to art groups – as I used to be in one, and let me tell you – there was some drammaaa :joy:

It gets old, however, and that’s the reason I left the group. Not long ago, there would loads of posts where the OP would just simply be asking for an art scene, but people would end up arguing in the thread about who gets to do the art scene or cover.

Let me just leave it at this:

Art groups should be working together – not tearing each other apart – and if they can’t do that, then they shouldn’t be here.

That’s my final opinion on that :no_good_woman:

Anyways, I just wanted to create this post just to remind people that stealing art is not okayand let’s all agree to stay out of art group drama. If you see someone stealing work – I would recommend PMing the person who you suspect stole the work, and asking them about it – while also informing the person that originally created that work, that you suspect someone has been taking their work.

And art groups… let’s just leave that kind of drama in the past, amiright? :tipping_hand_woman:


You is right

As an artist, I can attest that it really sucks when you have your stuff taken without credit.

I had this kid take a commission I had drawn for someone’s business, trace over it to make it their OCs, and post it on a webcomic board claiming to have drawn it themselves. It was a real hassle getting it taken down. Normally, I would just brush it off–but they were trying to sell the image on RedBubble, too! :fearful: It’s a real pain in the butt trying to get that kinda stuff taken down.


They really had the nerve to try selling it on RedBubble? That’s messed up on a different level :joy:

I’m glad you agree :+1:

They did!

The msot frustrating thing is, at the time, I didn’t care if people traced my stuff as long as it wasn’t A. One of my OCs or B. A commission from someone else. I even had it in my disclaimer – “Feel free to edit/trace any of my stuff as long as you don’t claim you drew it.”

The person was just a kid though and tried to claim they had never heard of me or my art, which would have been believable if it wasn’t and EXACT trace. :joy: