Background is not showing up

I want my characters to be in school, but it doesn’t show the background, and instead it shows them being in a party. Why is that?

The dialogue in the preview matches up with the dialogue in the party scene. maybe you’re in the party scene currently?

And if it isn’t about the preview…I might be wrong but backgrounds don’t show up when you don’t add a dialogue in that scene. So try adding atleast one dialogue

Its probably because you didnt add like a dialog so it moved to the next scene add smth like



Oh ok, it says preview from line 6 and I’m not in the party scene btw, I’m in the school hallway scene.


Add a dialog on line 7.

Got that, I misunderstood at that moment. So try adding a dialogue to the scene

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Ok, I’ll try that, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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