Camera scene help

Can anyone help me with this scene. I have plans on making like a camera scene where ppl are watching my character on a computer screen

The easiest way to make people ‘appear’ to be on phone, tablet, computer screens is to upload an overlay of the entire room with the screen area cut out - this hides the characters completely so you won’t have any legs sticking out or stray arms/hands popping out.
Do this by:
Saving a copy of your image, opening it either on a photo editing software like Photoshop, Gimp or Krita (to name a few) or a website (there are soo many - but Canva pops into my head as one I have seen artist use here.) One you’ve erased the section that you want your readers to ‘see through’ (the screen), save as a .png file type (the format of an overlay). Personally I use gimp but it is a process to learn to use so to save time - if you don’t already use a editing software, an online website might be less complex to use. :slight_smile:

IF your overlay is to big to upload (over Episode’s 1Mb limit): is a great compression site that does a good job without sacrificing too much of the quality of the image. It does have ( I believe) a 5gb per image limit but that’s huge in terms of a single image. lol


Okay I will try to do that! Thanks

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