Can anyone make me a party template using this background?

Can anyone please make me a party template using this background. I’m too tired to do this :sob:


I can but where did you get the background,

I won’t do it if it’s copyrighted since copyrighted material is against episodes guidelines, and I won’t help people break the rules.

It’s not copyrighted it was already approved by Episode

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Approved doesn’t mean it’s not copyrighted.

Those who approve are just human and make mistakes sometime, I seen them approve background make in sims. Sims are copyrighted. And I seen them approv stolen fan art too.

Beside when you upload you sign off that this is not copyrighted, that you are allowed to use it, which if you are not is fraud, and you are breaking the rules.

Um…this is not a sims background nor is it copyrighted someone made this I forgot who I’ll have to look in my notes for credit. But all I need is a party template with around 12 people…


I know its not sims I gave it as an example of copyrigted stuff I have seen used

Jennifer Vallejo

on Pinterest has is, I searched image in google. I don’t have Pinterest myself so you have to check by searching the image in google.

I don’t know if she made it or if she linked it.

pinterest is npot a website you should be using at all.

I actually made a forum explaing why, I recomand to read it

Explain: why you can not use pinterest or google - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (

Oh yeah, I was saying that that’s wear I saw it but since I don’t have pintrest I couldn’t tell if the person was linking the image or actually made it.

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I’ll make it for you.

I’m not even gonna say my opinion in this cuz I’ll end up getting suspendedfor no good reason


Lmao literally and thank you :sob:


Not going to comment on the copyright issue because there’s no point in dogpiling lol, but Episode does have a very similar background in the catalogue - INT. CRYSTAL THRONE ROOM - DAY / NIGHT.

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Damn, you really just turned on her because the background is from pinterest

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its not about that its about that it looks like its actually not free bg… and using it (in case its not free even if approved) she risks to have problems with episode once they will find out. So its in best interest of the one using the bg to be sure its really free.

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Literally- eye okay 🧍🏾‍♀️

Kay, guess I’ll use this.

Can someone delete this post there’s no point of keeping it up :woman_shrugging:t5:

@Sydney_H can you delete this post for @Dees_episode

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: