Character card's / Splashes / Outfits shop for free [OPEN]đź–¤

Hii everyone! I am bored. So, I want to help some people for free

So, I will make splashes, character cards, outfits and proofread

Available offers:-
•Character cards
•Creating outfits

•Splashes example:-

•Character card example:-

Outfits example:-

To support me you can follow me in insta:- @chikki._.creator

For Splashes:-
•Your IG

For Character card’s:-
•Character details
•Extra information

For Outfits:-
•Number of outfits
•Character details
•Clothing style
•Any need features ( mole, tatoos, etc-)

For Proofread:-
•Story link
•How many chapters
• To proofread one chapter I will take one day

I will take 6 request at a time!

Thankyou :black_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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