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I can offer you free art for cover, art scene splash, pfp and etc for personal use only! The downside is that not all of the requests will be picked as the main reason for this is to practice and get myself a motivation. :yay:


  1. Be respectful and patient
  2. Follow my art account (not mandatory but highly appreciated) @pupgumtown
  3. Do not thread hop the same request with other free artists/editors
  4. You can’t remove artist signature in free art request
  5. The art piece must be used. Please credit me when used

To make it fair for the free art requesters, after submitting your request, if I have not contacted you by 5 days, it means I didn’t pick yours so feel free to request the same one somewhere else. <During the waiting period please don’t thread-hop other free artists/editors.>



:point_right: Art request google form link :point_left:

preferably via google form but any is okay

I also open for commission (first priority) if you want to guarantee getting artwork and support me. :pray:


Forum form

Type of request:
Story title(optional):
Brief story description(optional):
When are you using it:


I would love if you could do an art for me!
Would you be able to do a pose like this:


Gave you follow on Insta too!

Hey thanks! Yes I’m able to do this pose

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Hey you can practice an art scene on my characters :blush:

Type of request: art scene
Character(s): 2



Background: a dark rainy background :blush:
Size: 640x1136

What’s easier for you - if I submit it as form or just write everything here?

Edit: I filled out the form : )

Oh your art is amazing! If you still need something to practice I got this art scene idea!
Edit: I filled in a form instead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: only found out afterwards that that was also an option…

Hey :wave: if it’s okay I would like an art! Thank you in advance, enjoy practicing :blush:

Type of request: a profile picture

character and outfit:

With the mole

Extra: I would like it drawn shoulder up just like your first example with a black background and the whole art in black and white.
Pose: up to you, expression is something serious

Filled out the form, thank you so much for doing this :)) :ribbon:

hey, i filled the form and a also followed you on IG.

Hello! I filled out the form <3

Thank you for submitting everyone!

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Hey, I’d like to draw your request but your ig account is private. Do you like to chat with me on ig or here?

hi, i’ll make my account public!

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Alright, thank you!

You must be booked as it is with free requests, so I don’t think I should post a form. BUT I’ll follow the IG for future commissh work for sure!

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hi, i filled out the form.

Hi I filled it out and followed u on insta

I have filled your form :two_hearts: also amazing art 🩷
Hey i forgot to add my character card so here it is sorry my insta @episodeanna_24

Cc by @Salbat.Author

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Hi just followed and filled out the form :blob_hearts: