Coding Help - Character Scales up

Hi Fellow Episodians,

Could anyone please help me with the following coding? When I preview the scene, the character kind of scales up in size a bit. Can anyone point out the mistake?

@CHAR spot 0.470 356 219 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND CHAR faces left
@CHAR walks to spot 0.470 29 278 in zone 2 in 4
@CHAR faces right AND CHAR is idle_cup_neutral_loop

The last number went up, so their size changes. If you want them to be the same size the entire time it has to match the first one

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Ohh… I get it how this happened.
I struggled with this for quite a while. When I set the same size the character kind of goes in a different direction that I don’t want.

The character enters the scene and goes to the stage and that’s when the size increases. I added the walk_stairs_up_loop. It worked.

Thanks for helping! :two_hearts:

The directions are literally the opposite which can be confusing if you’re first starting out, same with rears. Say you want them to face left rear you’d have to do right rear and vice versa.

And your welcome

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Yes, I am always confused with the directions. I am new and this is my first story. This simple command took me two days as I was unable to figure out my mistake.

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