College Story Help

I really need help. My Character is supposed to go to college. But as someone who is not from America, I have problems with the accuracy of what I show. Can you tell me anything about College?


I would do some research online. Quicker results.

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I’m not from America either, so I can’t help you. I think there are video’s with the differences (school system) between your country and America.

i’m from serbia, so i can’t help you. our school systems are very different. i think that college in america is very expensive and they can have sororities?

Hi I go to college in America :joy: PM me if you still need help :innocent:

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Thank you!


Are you in college?? Cuz that would help

I just now saw this. I’m going to PM you a lot of questions later this day, if that is okay. You can answer them whenever you want, so you don’t have to stress yourself ((:

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Alright sounds good :innocent: