Corrupt a Wish (GAME)

Granted, but you will get hypothermia.

I wish I had a boyfriend.

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But then he’ll cheat on you
I wish i could have powers

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Granted, but your powers are useless and embarrassing.

I wish I didn’t have to do school.

Granted, but you can’t find a job in the future.

I wish I have wings.


Granted, but then your wings would be so tiny that you couldn’t fly or do anything with it.

I wish I could grant wishes to people.

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Granted, you would be captured and only Grant 3 wishes and would be stuck in a bottle forever

I wish I am your mom

sounds familiar :smirk: right?

Granted but you have to wake me up early for school, make breakfast for everyone and then dinner. And don’t forget about cleaning the whole house

I wish I could wake up not tired


Granted but you can never sleep again

I wish I had a dog

Granted, but then your dog would run away and become a famous trained dog. Then you would try to say that you initially owned the dog but you would be put in jail for some law that you broke by claiming the dog as yours. (Yes, this is so weird. :joy:)

I wish I knew Kung Fu.


Granted, but then your kicks and punches are really weak.

I wish I had a set of tarot cards.

granted but they always read death in your future

i wish i had a magic mirror


Granted but the reflection is you except really ugly

I wish it would snow

Granted, but then there would be an avalanche.

I wish I could meet a famous actor.

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Granted! But now the fame will consume your soul, and your very essence will become unwound beneath the blinding lights of the paparazzi…

I wish homework didn’t exist.

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Granted but it will be replaced with 5 page essays due the next day.

I wish it was daytime.

Granted, but then it would be daytime forever and you would be forbidden to sleep so you’d be really sleepy all the time.

I wish I could go skiing.

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Granted but you get hypothermia.

I wish was in Paris

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Granted, but everyone you meet is snobby.

I wish I was 18.

Granted, but then only you’re actual age would be 18, but you’d look like a grandma.

I wish I could go on a world tour.


Granted but you don’t know anyones languages
I wish I could travel back in time

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