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Any poses no wrI ting


Alright :slight_smile:


Are you wanting them on the same photo or separate






You havent specified what the first bestfriends eye colour is


Can i request a cover?


Of course :slight_smile:


Title: Perfect Imperfection


Skin: Beige Gold
Eyebrow: Arched Natural
Eyebrow Color: Light Brown
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Deepset Almond
Eye Color: Blue Aqua
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Full Round Pouty
Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte


Skin: Beige Rose
Eyebrow: Straight Medium
Eyebrow Color: Black Jet
Hair: Manbun
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Male Deep Sunken
Eye Color: Blue Deep
Face: Diamond Defined
Nose: Male Generic
Mouth: Medium Heart
Lip Color: Pink Beige Matte



Head: Hijab Cotton Yellow Cream
Shirt: Scoop Neck Sweater Cotton Brown Warm
Pants: Side Stitched Button Up Jeans Denim Blue Denim
Shoes: Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White
Bracelet: Diamond Cluster Bracelet Pink Diamond

Shirt: Swoopneckshortsleeveplain Neutral Black
Pants: Plaid Belted Pants Cotton Grey Black
Shoes: Sneaker Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black

For the small cover :

I would like for Derek to be arm crossed and mad and for Amira to be kissing him on the cheek

Background: I don’t really mind but i want something dark and simple

I would like Perfect Imperfection to be written on the top

For Large Cover

I would like the same background no characters and for in the middle it’s written the title

Thanks for doing the covers please tell me if there’s information that’s missing


Okay I’ll get these started soon!!