Cover Art For My Werewolf Story

Hi! I’ve created a werewolf romance story and I’m in need of a cover before I can start publishing. I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to create one for me. I need a main cover please and then possibly one (probably the same) that I can use for the begging of each chapter. These are my 2 main characters. The man is a werewolf and the woman is a human. I would love for them to be in different clothes than the pictures I provided and possibly in the woods in a “we love each other” kind of pose, if that makes sense lol. The story is called “The Wolf That Saved Me”. Thank you in advance!!

if you are looking for paid artists then mention it and people will give u lists
if you need a free one then you can look on the forum shops but its rare to find a free drawn art nowadays

Hello there!
I may offer what you need in my thread. Have a look at my examples, and you can decide for yourself!

I’d also love to do a free cover for you! I use a bit of AI art to do my covers but I can also use the Episode characters given and create a cover as well! PM me if you interested, and I would love to hear your thoughts!


What the cover may look like: