Customize question?

Happy Friday everybody! :purple_heart:

I’m making my first ever story!

And I wanna give people the option to customize, but I’m in between full CC or limited CC. What’s your guys opinion?

And would you like to also get the option to customize the family? or doesn’t that matter for you?

LOVE, Rosie


Think about what you prefer when you read. Do you want to spend half of the first chapter customizing every single member of the family, or do you want to get on with the story?

What I am doing in my story Lady Episode: Rise of a Hero, is coding it so that when the main character’s skin, lips, and hair colors change, her dad’s skin, lips, and hair colors change to match. When her nose or face shape changes, her mom’s nose and face shape changes to match. In order for this to work, all three characters must be present, but they do not necessarily need to be seen by the reader (they can be positioned off-screen). I then allow the reader to customize the main character’s sister, who is coded to match the mom’s skin, lip, and hair colors.

That way, the daughters will look like their parents without having their parents look like siblings.

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Also, I don’t really care much about limited CC. However, usually, if I can’t change the name of the MC, I don’t really want to change the appearance. In my story, the MC’s identity as an African American plays a role, so I don’t let the reader have full CC.

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Customising the family is too much for me, I’m still willing to do it but I’d just code some extra lines to make the family members look like the mc , which isn’t that hard. It takes so much time, and yet they’re barely even seen in the story so I think it’s a waste of time, and lines,

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I don’t like limited cc because if I’m playing as MYSELF, I want to FEEL like it. I want to see myself in that story and not a random girl I don’t look like, it makes me think I’m watching a side characters subplot or something. But if I had to, and it’s a very good story, I wouldn’t mind.but if it’s a visually unpleasant character I’m out… I’m so sorry but I cannot read an episode story if I have an ugly character I can’t customise :sob:🫸
If it’s for overlays I understand but you can make 3 types of overlays and only let us have 3 skin options if you’re very picky about how some scenes including overlays look like, which is relatively easy if all the overlays are the same size when you’re coding the scenes if people like me want to customise to make the mc look like them.


I personally would recommend full CC over limited CC, which would be more satisfying to the readers.

Now about customizing the family I would recommend using auto-customization for that and here’s a link that can help you out:

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Thank you so much everybody! :blush: It’s good to get some different views on things :grin:

I don’t mind if it’s like hair colour or eye colour that’s limited