Dara Amarie's Official Help Thread! [closed]

Are you resetting story progress?

How do I go by doing that

You tap on Navigation when testing your story then tap on Reset Story Progress.

Ok thank you im going to give it a try

It worked thank you so much

There shouldn’t be so many spaces between the end bracket and “Dressy”. It should look like this:

} “Dressy” {

You have a bracket right above the word choice that shouldn’t be there.

After I add a choice label and if the user picks the wrong choice how do I go back to the beginning? For example, If i have 2 choices such as fight and dodge and dodge is the incorrect choice how do I make them start over?

Put a label at the beginning of the choice, then put a goto inside the wrong choice that leads back to that label.

label name_of_label


“Fight” {

} “Dodge” {

goto name_of_label

what does name_of _label mean?

The label name.

an errors coming up saying the label doesn’t exist
&SOFIA is punch_jab
&LIAM is dodge_rear
@pause for .5
&LIAM is idle_punch
“Dodge” {
&SOFIA is idle_kneel
goto choice

You don’t use the word choice as a goto. You were suppose to create a label right before the dialogue exactly how I showed you in the example I gave.

oh ok i got it lol thank you!

hi im new too coding and was wondering how too have a character already in the room doing an action when my main character is entering the room?

Place the character at the beginning of the scene using the & sign instead of the @ sign

&CHARACTER stands blah blah and CHARACTER faces left/right and CHARACTER is animation

thank you!

Ugh why am I getting this error, It worked before I continued the script… Now it says error, and i see no mistake. I tried too many things and didn’t work…

<PREMIUM> } "I want to sit next to Sarah (know her better and get to Riley's party invitation)"{

This line is the error. The < PREMIUM > Needs to go after the end bracket, not before it.

} < PREMIUM > “I want to sit next to Sarah (know her better and get to Riley’s party invitation)”{

I tried to fix it using my phone because I’m not home … but it still says the same thing. Sorry for bothering you again.