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Hmm… I see. Ok, interesting. I will try finding another animation… Thanks!!


The choice needs to be on the line directly above the the first choice option. You have them on the same line.

You are also missing an open bracket ({) for your last yes choice.


If he is sleeping the wrong direction, as in his head is on right side of the bed and you want it on the left, just tell the character which direction to face.

@NOL stands screen center and NOL is idle_lay_groogy_eyesclosed_loop and NOL faces right

If he is face up and you want him to be face down, you can do this by inverting him through spot directing. This would mean his scale is negative rather than the normal positive.

@NOL spot -1.280 100 100 and NOL is idle_lay_groogy_eyesclosed_loop and NOL faces right


How do you make a character walking to another zone with the screen following the charecter

@CHARACTER1 walks to screen center in zone 2 in 3
@pan to zone 2 in 3

You need to have the panning timed with when the character walks.

Umhh… anyone else know of another way of doing this?

Thank you

&pan to zone ___
@CHAR walks to screen ______ in zone ___ in T

thank you

I have a problem I am putting my charecter in layer 5 but then there is a overlay at layer 2 and he keeps going under it this is my script for the overlay and him

@ALAN spot 1.019 176 147 in zone 2 at layer 5 AND ALAN starts sit_laugh_giggle


for the overlay

INT. BEDROOM - DAY with INT. BLANKY - DAY at layer 2 with INT. CHAIR - DAY in zone 2 at layer 1

the one that says INT. BLANKY - DAY is the one

Add the zone to BLANKY


It worked thanks :grin:


Thank you!

Hello how do you add music? I have the theme I want to add I just don’t know how to put it into the script

music sound_name

Hey! Does anyone know how to add a gun to a characters hand? I figured it was an overlay but I can’t find it :frowning:

and one more thing, how do you get music to stop? If someone could help that would be great thanks!:slight_smile:


To get the music to stop, add music off.

The gun is a prop. Use the command @add Handgun to CHARACTER.

Hi sorry to ask so many questions, but is there any way to have one character speaking and have another doing a behaviour at the same time?

LILLIAN (talk_handsonhips)
I am loving this new tranq gun.
@NOAH is nod_loop

I want to make both of these things happen at the same time :slight_smile: