(Disclaimer: Rant thread)

Okay this thread is just a place where everyone and anyone can make a rant.

I will start…

Rant: Soo I put my soul into writing a story right? I published it this christmas eve and it had a cover and EVERYTHING, but it never got to go on the new user stories but a self promotion for instagram did? Like what am I doing wrong? I put a lot of effort into my stories just for episode to look over it when it comes to adding to the New user stories tab, BUT A story that lasted a few seconds of the author stating “Hey everyone, This is my insta __ Shoot me a message for scripting advice…” before the story ended… GETS ON THE NEW USER STORIES? (The reason I make this rant is because I legitimately checked practically every 2 hours to see when my story would be on the new user stories shelf… (The shelf that is supposedly meant to help new authors get noticed) JUST FOR NOW ALMOST A WEEK LATER FOR STILL 0 reads. :frowning: Why is it that so many self-advertisements get on new user stories that only promote their social media’s… When there are plenty of other hard-working authors out in the community who may be experiencing similar to me this injustice… Why are self-advertisements more frequent on the new user stories than stories that have had SOOO MUCH WORK and TIME and EFFORT and THOUGHT put into development of plot, Script, Drama, Cliff hangers and writers block put in to making possible AMAZING stories!!
Most of the AMAZING and UNNOTICED stories I have read, I had to search up by putting in random words just to support the community all because episode wasn’t giving them a chance to be noticed? Please add :raised_hand: the raised hand emoji to show if you’ve experienced similar.

That was my rant, Who’s next?


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