Discussion: My First Kiss


Where they kiss on the hand, they kiss on their own hand. Or If one I’d facing behind the pretend. But in Romeo and Juliet the kiss isn’t like that.


When I saw the description I was like: :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::expressionless:
I’m not being mean, I just read the description and It was kinda weird


Not to be mean or anything, but I liked the other version more than this one.


Congratulations!!! :grinning::confetti_ball:


I was worried Episode would ruin the story and use its lack of success as an excuse to not feature more LGBTQ+ stories because, let’s be real, that wouldn’t be surprising from them.
Fortunately, the featured version is actually good, especially compared to other featured stories I’ve tried to read. Episode didn’t screw up and make it horrifically offensive! Yay! I especially like that, judging from what Chelsea says when MC spends time with her, it seems like it’s going to be trans-inclusive so far.


I love it. LGBTQ women get little representation, Episode or anywhere, and it’s great that Episode featured a story about lesbians. Also, there’s some bi representation which I love. Overall it’s just a great story, I might read the original one as well.


As someone who also does high school theatre, I know many people who have had their first kisses be for a play. They have every right to be upset about it. But, once they get past that, they’re fine with kissing anyone for a play (usually). I think the key thing is that it’s MC’s_first_ kiss, and if I was not attracted to men, I wouldn’t want my first kiss to be with a guy…


But why should it be someone she’s attracted to? That’s like saying it’s with an unattractive women. It’s a theatre kiss and no meant to be enjoyable


I’m straight as a ruler but if I was an awkward teenager in high school who had never been kissed, I’d be really awkward and uncomfortable about it too (whether I was attracted to the guy or not). I really don’t think the MC “hates men”. She’s just an awkward teenager lol.
Like amberose, we never had actual kisses in our school plays either. They were faked or skipped (didn’t help that the majority of drama students were girls so often the male parts were played by girls haha).


But does the MC know that? She seems to be hoping for a kiss and is disappointed it’s not with someone she wants to.


That’s not the reading I get. I think it’s one of those things where she’s gone for an audition and at the back of the mind, she probably knows that kissing Romeo is inevitable but she hasn’t really processed it yet. So she definitely wasn’t expecting it at the audition.
Again, that’s how I read it :woman_shrugging:. Not saying I’m wrong or right, but we clearly perceived it very differently lol


again. FIRST kiss. I think you’re reading way too far into this. She probably just wants to kiss a girl she likes before she kisses Joey. Plenty of my theatre friends have found someone to kiss as their first kiss before they have to lock lips with their scene partner.


Again it is a play. She knew there would be a possibility of kissing. It’s not meant to be enjoyable. She shouldn’t enter the play