DISCUSSION: What's Your Dream Job? πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» 🍎


dont be so sure about anything. You should always have a backup plan. and if not that, still dont be sure that you can achieve it 100%!! you can hope and pray that you’ll achieve it. and keep expectations

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My dream is to have no job at all. Since I’m 31 it’s tricky :joy:
Most probably your deams about your fancy job will fail and when you actually grow up you’ll miss those β€œhaving no job” days while doing a crappy job you never wanted. :grin:
By the way, I worked as my dream profession for 9 years and I hate it now. Can’t wait the time when I’m able to gonna quit that and do my new dream job (which is gonna happen in just 2 and half months).

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