Episode On Desktop!

Hey, forums. Hasn’t everyone been waiting on Episode…TO FINALLY MAKE IT AVAILABLE ON DESKTOP?! The work and labor yes…but if you have a successful app, why not make it available on every platform?


I’ve seen people say they have read Episode stories on their computers. :woman_shrugging:t3:
I personally haven’t, but it could be via a program like Blue Stacks, not saying they have used that specific program, but there could be others that work like it. I used to use Blue Stacks to access Insta messages on my PC.


But we can read insta messages through browser also right?:grimacing:

Umm yes! My phone has this “specialty” of zooming in whenever you tap repeatedly on the screen and it makes it pretty much impossible to be good at most mini-games so a laptop\desktop version would be amazing :grin:

Oh yes! Then I won’t have to test my stories in app and the taking input part will also work! I won’t have to constantly juggle my laptop and phone. :laughing:

Duplicate closed. Refer to READING: be able to read episode on the computer (suggestion)