Fantasy story recs?

Heyy!! Can someone please recommend some fantasy stories for me?

I love vampire stories where both the LI and MC are vamps! I also love supernatural school stories :heartpulse:

If anyone has any recs, let me now. Thank you! :blob_hearts:

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I have one for you then, applies to “supernatural school”. :wink:

Chapters 5-6 will be out this week. Enjoy your reading if you gonna check it out <3


I love all stories by Yasemin - Adopted vampire, falling for red eyes and sinned soul. Full of vamps and werewolves. Fangs also is full of these. Supernatural school - Saint Jude’s Academy, The Academy.
I also have a fantasy story myself. No vamps or werewolves (yet), but different other creatures. : )

Link: 6 Elementals: The Past

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