Fave character style and thing about it?

What is your favourite character style and favourite thing about it? (I won’t judge)


At this point, I’ve come to terms that I read any style, because if you don’t like a certain style, you might miss out on some amazing stories, it’s not always about how the characters look


true dat

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I like any style, but when I write, I prefer to do so in LL because that style has more, which can help me in directing specific scenes. I love INK. it brings me back to memories lol. With classic, since the quality of many stories have improved over time, it’s difficult to find good stories because of how many people improved in writing and the preferences so I don’t really read ot


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I personally enjoy Limelight, because I am big into fashion and how far you are able to customize the characters! :chef: And the animations are pretty good, even though I miss some from Ink. I will read from any character style besides Classic, it’s never been my cup of tea :greentea:

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I used to LOVE ink, the thick lines were really appealing to me, not sure why. I also knew and memorized the name of almost every single animation. However, they stopped updating it and adding new things like clothes etc etc. But myself and plenty of others were still distraught over it for so long.

Eventually, I accepted the fact they were going to stop updating it no matter how much their community begged for updates, so I just settled with LL. Limelight is okay I guess, but the animations seem really over exaggerated and are just gross imo lmfao. But the clothes are new and cute, ink will always be my fav no matter what, but they’re just never gonna update it.


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I’m here with ya :sneezing_face:

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