Feature: The brilliant character animation that would SAVE EPISODE

Hello there!

I have an idea for a new character animation that could be used to show a wide range of emotions, including disappointment, shock, distress, humiliation, sadness, and more. This animation could also be used in comedic scenes. It also would involve recent TikTok trends, which could be seen as a good business decision. Some may be worried that it would infringe upon copyright, but I do not believe that this is the kind of thing that can be copyrighted.

What is this animation? Allow me to introduce you to: The Hands of Sincerity

See examples below

Example showing full-body animation:
Hands of Sincerity- full body animation

Video Version

So please bump this post if you think it’s a good idea! I may be sharing some gifs of my characters doing this animation if you’re curious. The more attention this post gets, the more likely we will be able to get access to this animation sooner!

I sincerely believe that this might be the best character animation suggestion to date.


My face when no one replied to this topic:

See here


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This is hilarious. Support!

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